Favorite Of 2013 – Foals – Holy Fire

Favorite Performance Of 2013// Foals//Neptune Theater//Seattle
Foals Neptune Theater june 1

Favorite Album Of 2013//Foals//Holy Fire

holy fire

Favorite Song Of 2013//Foals//Bad Habit

2013 is over.  Passing rapidly in a hurry, but also long and intense.  Thinking back I can break apart certain points of the year into segments according to what I was into and experiencing.  Seattle’s music scene offered up many choices for all moods.  The hip hop scene was exploding, alt country was leveling out, the warm surf rolled in, and electronic artists blew up dance filled venues.  So many choices.  So many shows.  I love my city’s scene and culture.

As I pulled up my sleeves for another gorgeous year in music I took on sort of an eclectic approach.  I wanted to learn the history of the artists that paved the way for what we hear and create today; diving deep into the records of rock’n roll, studying the roots of reggae and psychedelic architects.  This lead to many nights of joyful music documentaries and insightful listening sessions.

Sometimes when you listen to songs today you notice parts in songs that remind you of older artists.  Push rewind.  Listen.  Yes, that is the same riff as Fleetwood Mac.  These vocals remind me of Sting.  That reggae beat thrown into this jam takes me back to the soulful cuts of Lloyd Charmers.  The warm feeling I get from hearing a familiar part in a modern song being transformed from the format of a classic into something fresh is wonderful.

When a favorite band releases a single in anticipation of their upcoming release you can take it a few ways.  If the song rocks, then the suspense for the record increases.  If the single blows, you get scared.

On first listen of the Foals first single Inhaler off of the 2013 up and coming release Holy Fire I almost collapsed onto my living room floor.  No way.  These guys did not just do that.  Can you tell how I felt about the song?  Ha, it was a let down to say the least.  Another one bites the dust trying to go mainstream.  But wait, there is hope in the horizon.

February saw the release of the Foals third studio album “Holy Fire”.  Scratching my head I put on my headphones and hit play.  Drinking a sip of water I turned and looked at my dog Winston.  “Here we go Wanky”.  The first track Prelude opens up the album with shakers and thudding bass drums.  The iconic Foals style guitar crept in opening avenues for good things to come.  I’m not gonna lie, the next track is Inhaler which “accidentally” got skipped the first few spins.  I later got over the ugly chorus and accepted the other worthy portions of the song (The guitar is actually pretty sick during the verse and outro).

My Number followed ending up as the most user friendly track for the masses (who weren’t already fans of the Foals).  I can dig.  Many happy car rides last summer included this pop hit.  Bad Habit.  Boom.  Favorite track on Holy Fire.  Turns out favorite song of 2013.  The Foals do a great job of building the songs into roaring breath taking adventures; Bad Habit and all remaining songs on Holy Fire are such quality jams – at times delighting I Pod commercials invade my imagination to the habitual drums and guitars.  On Out Of The Woods violins accompany the killer drum flow and stellar vocal melodies easily becoming my second favorite track.  I would find  myself beat-boxing the drums from Out Of The Woods in the shower.  Mild & Black Spiders carries a chorus backed by booming kick and subliminally layered looping guitars.  “Cause I’ve been around two times and found that you’re the only thing I need!  Cause I’ve been around two times and found that you’re the only thing I need!
Cause I’ve been around two times and found that you’re the only thing I need!
Cause I’ve been around two times and found that you’re no friend in need!” builds and sprawls into a swarm of spiraling intensity.

Car karaoke.  That’s what the Foals should have titled this album.   >>Yannis Philippakis’s<< vocals are the strongest and charismatic to date.  Jimmy Smith’s mathy guitar intertwines alongside Yannis phenomenal tempo.  Jack Bevan hallelujah.  Makes the list of top drummers of all time.  These mates gel.  The compositions and pop artistry released on Holy Fire remind me of the Fleetwood Macs and Pink Floyds of yesteryear.

Their live performance is nothing short of amazing.  Yannis crowd surfs and climbs balconies all while thrashing his Travis Bean guitar.  Jack’s drums consume me.  Tribal off beat fills and super fast rhythms back their signature guitar tones and techniques.

As the Foals continue to put out solid records their fan base grows.  Endless touring and festival performances displaying their seductive rock and roll music builds followers of all genres of music.  Renown DJs remix song after song blasting their own spin on mixtapes echoing deep into night crawling clubs.– see >>Holy Fire Remixs and Bad Habit Ep//>>.  

My little secret isn’t a secret anymore.  But the Foals are still My Number 1.  Cheers mates.


Late Night

My Number

Out Of The Woods


Foals Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD Trailer

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Top Songs of 2013 – “You’ve Got Time” – Regina Spektor

orange-is-the-new-blackNext to Breaking Bad I’m not sure there was a series that was talked about more this year than Orange is the New Black. I could go on talking about how great the show is, but this is about music. The originally written theme for Orange is the New Black by Regina Spektor resonates perfectly alongside the show, but aside from that it is a great song all by itself. Give it a year or two, but “You’ve Got Time” will end up being the most sung theme song next to “This Life” (Sons of Anarchy). Makes you feel aggressive and tough and then reflective with the “look at all the roads, look at all the roads” verse and it is catchy as shit. So if you haven’t heard this Flavorite already then enjoy and you should probably go watch the show, otherwise just bask in all it’s influential glory.

Full Version:

The start of Seafoam Couch’s Top Songs and Albums of 2013 “Tavoris Cloud”

So rather than throw a big list of of our own individual songs and albums that we thought garnered much of our attention this year instead we are going to look back on one song and one album everyday for the rest of the year. I am starting it with a song. One of the many highlights of work that Mark Kozelek released this year. If you didn’t know he released 3 different albums over the course of this year. 1 with Sun Kil Moon and 2 collaborations with different artists. The thing that I really appreciated about much of his music this year was that all of his lyrics were very literal and deep  missing the symbolism and metaphors of most songwriting. The song is “Tavoris Cloud” off of the album he released in collaboration with the band Desertshore. Discussing his current life and reflecting on the past and the death and change surrounding him. As if Kozelek was walking through his old town singing and playing guitar. The song is very nostalgic and it is a single from 2013 that will stick with me….Enjoy


Late Night Obsession 12/4/13 – “Half Moon” by Blind Pilot

Previously I had discovered Blind Pilot through the song “3 Rounds and a Sound” off their previous album One Red Thread and until recently was unaware that they had come out with a new album within the last few years. I happened to stumble upon this single while listening to a Spotify radio station and it alone encouraged me to get the entire We Are the Tide album.  The song starts with what I think is an accordion and some drums and announces itself during the chorus with some beautiful harmonies, call and response, and ukelele. In all honesty I have yet to really dive in to the lyrics, but my initial reaction is that inspires and encourages you to dream. Bettering yourself and being inspired to be a better you is something I take to heart and its why it’s my late night obsession. I hope you enjoy!


La Luz Video Premiere: Big Big Blood

Hey look!  La Luz has a new video and it is in my old back yard!  If you live in Seattle and recognize those desolate yellow houses residing in wide open spaces it’s because Big Big Blood was shot in Discovery Park in Magnolia.  Now check out this eerie video!

La Luz – Big Big Blood


Up and Comers- Haim, Three Lovely Sisters on “The Wire”

The group reigns from LA and recently started working with Jay-Z’s management group Roc Nation. Their music makes you want to bounce your shoulders back and forth and make you wish you had a funky 80’s doo. They’ve been compared to Fleetwood Mac and I’m comparing them to Kate Bush. Their album “Days Are Gone” was just released on Tuesday and it a has very complete and whole sound. These sisters came together to with big dreams and I think they might actually formulate in this record. Here is a standout track from this album, maybe they can take you back a bit….


Earshot Jazz Festival

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Earshot Jazz Festival.  Tuesday October 1st features one of the most stunning bass players I have ever seen.  Evan Flory-Barnes plays the bass like an unleashed dancing God alongside Seattle premiere drummer D’Vonne Lewis, Ahamefule J. Oluo trumpet  (Macklemore), and Josh Rawlings on keys.  Not only am I extremely excited to see these magically talented musicians play together in their band Industrial Revelation at the infamous Tula’s in Belltown, but I get to share this evening with none other than my lovely parent’s visiting from Iowa.  What I night this shall be!  Industrial Revelation will be celebrating Earshot Festival’s 25th anniversary as well as their new record titled “Oak Head”.  Listen to Industrial Revelation’s album “Unreal Reality” below and consider attending the Earshot Jazz Festival sometime between the dates of October 1st – November 17th here in Seattle.  

"Tuesday night on the Jazz Patio...."

“Tuesday night on the Jazz Patio….”


My Goodness

Oh “My Goodness”.  The bluesy hardcore rock’n roll band from Seattle is making a statement.  Sure after The Black Keys became a smash hit blues rock bands started molding out of cracks and alley ways all over the world.  As they should.  The Black Keys rule, but after a while these similar sounding bands start to grow old and don’t do much for your ear candy cravings.

Meet My Goodness.  A two piece rock out fit that packs a hard hitting smack of delightful soul felt blues mixed with a post hardcore sting.  You know the part in the average blues song where you say to yourself “I love the blues, but how come every band has to use the same riffs?”.  In a My Goodness song this part textures and transitions into a snaky hard rocking storm.  These days it is easy to fall into the blah zone of music where everything starts to sound the same and nothing moves you.  One or two songs might be good on the whole album and then it slips into the deep collection of tunes not to be found unless randomly on shuffle.  Each new indie sounds like they went to a college with all the other new bands where they were taught how to play the exact same shit.  When an album comes around that one can hit play on track #1 and listen to the record in it’s entirety enjoying each song by itself and as a piece to the master puzzle it’s like a holiday.  Anyone else feel like this?  Could just be me, but the volume of music available to the masses for immediate download saturates the industry and tucks the few great albums into the pockets of pearl snap western shirts waiting to be discovered at the local Goodwill by the lucky bloke.

Enough of my roundabout ranting.  My Goodness is a band that makes you feel like rocking out.  It feels familiar to the blues you hear, but new enough and fresh to captivate the listener to want more of the whole puzzle.

My Goodness has a new release coming out soon titled “Shiver + Shake”



My Goodness – Back Again



Redhook Sausage Fest 2013



Steven enjoying some My Goodness.

Steven enjoying some My Goodness.