Piece of Wood – Youth Group

This is a bit of a throwback to a group I discovered in high school…its a bit of a gem and it really incapsulates some of what I like to call the OC years…Enjoy!




Sons of Anarchy: A Musical Journey thats just as Thrilling as the Show

SOAWith a few less covers than the first go around and just as many soulful voices all mostly joined by The Forest Rangers, Sons of Anarchy: Songs of Anarchy Vol. 2 proves to be even better than it’s predecessor. With so many emotional and heart wrenching moments this season this soundtrack lets us reflect and also discover some very underrated talent here. Noah Gundersen, Battleme, Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Greg Holden, Janes Addiction, and the shows own Katey Sagal round out what is a soundtrack nearly perfectly selected for the shows fifth season by Michelle Kuznetsky and Bob Thiele Jr. As we bid farewell to Sons of Anarchy for another year after tonight’s season finale go ahead and have a listen and relive moments from this season or simply relish in songs you really enjoyed. If there is a standout track on the album it either has to be Greg Holden’s “The Lost Boy” which was a featured song during Opie’s funeral, an event that according to the creator will ultimately shape Jax and the show from then on out. Either this track or Noah Gundersen’s “He Got Away” a song not played until it aired during the show and to be completely honest I think it aired in the first episode, but I’m not certain. It is a great song because Gundersen’s phenomenal vocals, but also the entire tone of the song is reflective of the deep emotions felt within the tough exterior that is and are the Sons Of Anarchy. Don’t let me telling you these are standouts deflect you from some very great songs here like Battleme’s “Lights” or the other Noah Gundersen track also off of his most recent album “Family.” All the songs once listened to leave an impression and that’s very hard to do no matter how much you like a movie or TV show and for that I highly recommend listening to this album while drinking some brews, around a campfire, on a long and endless road trip, or simply by doing all of these things. Enjoy the finale and enjoy this music as well! Also if you like Battleme enough they are playing the Tractor on December 6th!

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