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Helms Alee – New Album – Sleepwalking Sailors

Sleepwalkig Sailors

Tacoma/Seattle post-metal lovers Helms Alee will be releasing their third album via Sargent House (Russian Circles, Chelsea Wolfe) on February 11th.  Sleepwalking Sailors was recorded here in Seattle with the help of ex-Seattlite Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes, Pelican, Chelsea Wolfe).

Being a longtime fan of anything that comes into contact with this group of interrelated artists, I cannot wait for Sleepwalkig Sailors to drop.  Thriving off of the sheer force and energy that blaze out of those beautiful Verellen amps (created and built by lead singer of Helms Alee Ben Verellen and used by Russian Circles/These Arms Are Snakes among others) matched with Verellen’s shattering throaty growl and creative drummer Hozoji Matheson-Margullis vocals, Helms Alee’s new record is certain to quench the need for hard hitting bliss.

Watch Helms Alee perform new jam “Fetus Carcus” off of Sleepwalking Sailors live on KEXP.

>>>Prepare to have your mind blown<<<

>>>Full Performance<<<