Favorite Albums of 2013 – Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

Never a huge QOTSA fan really.  Appreciation was always there no doubt for the instrumentation and off beat guitar licks and drum rhythms.  In fact I never really gave them much of a chance.  Like Clockwork showed up early June and was played for me in a friend’s tiny auto.  The car actually looks like something that might be illustrated in the video below.  “Have you heard the new QOTSA yet?” asked my friend.  “No” I responded hum drumming.  Then he pushed play and all was changed maah ha ha ha.  Maybe not all, but definitely my opinion of this band.  What a great album.  Like Clockwork flows in and out of hard rocking riffs and quite elegantly composed material to take the listener on an illuminating journey.  I recommend watching “Like Clockwork” the animated video counterpart of the album first.  It will change the way you hear the music.

Well it turns out this video has been terminated.  Can’t find it anywhere, but take my word this video is an astonishingly colourful and intense artistic short film created in a way that I have never seen.  Hopefully it will be back up to view soon.

like clockwork animated

Favorite song on the album – Keep Your Eyes Peeled

From the very opening this song’s bass line and guitar set a tone for Like Clockwork that made me love this album.


qotsa review



Ok Alright Ok Sounds Swell

Thursday’s coming… Oh crumbs, it’s already here…Well then I guess we shall listen to this!

Love Sculpture – Sabre Dance

Download here

pee wee 2

surf chic


Throwback Monday: Huey Lewis “Power of Love”

If you ever find yourself strolling through a park late at night and suddenly a black truck with two dudes holding on skateboarding drives by make sure to yell this: “It’s the power of love!”.

If any nosy bystanders give you the weird eye and sarcastically chortle in your general direction just tell them “Back to the future man…”.

Beasts of the Southern Wild- Once There Was a Hushpuppy

Every now and then you see a film with an excellent score or at least a strong theme in it’s score and after watching Beasts of the Southern Wild I had one of those moments. This represents hope, ambition, inspiration, triumph and more to me. Every single one of us is meant to accomplish something great and this piece brings out that feeling in such a beautiful way that I never knew existed. It fills you up with hope and ambition so I hope you enjoy it!


Throwback Day

Cal-Anderson Park, Capitol Hll, Seattle

Cal-Anderson Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Exit 301, Pleasant Valley High School Battle Of The Bands, Bettendorf, IA

Exit 301, Pleasant Valley High School Battle Of The Bands, Bettendorf, IA

Yes that is me with bleached blonde hair and Zissou style Adidas.   I thought it would be appropriate to throwback an old video as well.  Here is the song “Lucky Denver Mint” off of one of my favorite records of all time Jimmy Eat World’s “Clarity”.  Turns out Clarity was partly recorded at the legendary Sound City.  I highly recommend watching Dave Grohl’s new film documenting Sound City’s historic past and checking out this list of killer records that were recorded there.  This film inspired me to revisit some of these classic rock albums.

>>>Can you dig it?<<<

Jimmy Eat World – Lucky Denver Mint (off of the album Clarity 1998)


WANTED: Someone to go back in time with…

Guster, Mark Duplass

When I first thought of writing about this, it was originally only going to be about the song “Architects And Engineers” by Guster. This however would not do the Safety Not Guaranteed soundtrack justice or would it be true to writing about my own typical discovery of music because the soundtrack has some pretty great pickins as far as licensed tracks are concerned. The original composition for the film done by Ryan Miller is actually very good as well featuring folky guitar with some vibrant bells and strings. It does a very good job as it reminds me of being on a road trip in the woods which the film takes place mostly in the woods/on a beach. The main highlights here are; “Big Machine”, “Architects and Engineers”, and “She’s Bound to Get Hurt.” The Mark Duplass sung/Ryan Miller written song “Big Machine” really encompasses what we all eventually want in life and that is even as we are all moving along in our mostly routine lives full of love, loss, memories, friends, jobs etc., we all want someone or something, but rarely do we reach out for it. The song is a call to action and seeing as Mark Duplass has roots in the indie rock scene with his band Volcano, I’m Still Excited! his emotion instilled in the song does it great justice. “Architects and Engineers” by Guster discusses similar circumstances, but more so talks about how we are all flying through life and occasionally we need to stop and reflect on the special moments we have in our life and cherish them because they don’t seem to ever last as long as we’d like them to. Listening to this song I am constantly reminded of the montage that takes place in the film during the song and my mind always goes back to the moment when Jake Johnson is drunk riding around depressed on a Go-Kart. It’s sort of an ironic moment, but I can relate to the idea of having so much going for you and also being depressed about the things you don’t have yet. Lastly, “She’s Bound to get Hurt” by Summer Fiction talks about letting go of something you love and regretting it later on. The song doesn’t connect as well, but I foresee it hitting home at some point in my life and the vocal vibrato and crescendos and decrescendos flow smoothly enough to make the song noteworthy. The film itself does not leave an initial impression, but it does leave a lingering one because beyond the wild imaginative plot we all would love to jump and take a big risk on something we believe in and I think that is the heart of this film and these songs…Enjoy!


Remember Remember…

V For VendettaIt is only appropriate that on the night before election night a film about revolution is mentioned. The film is V for Vendetta and if you haven’t seen it before it’s suggested you do. It is about change for the better and one man/symbol representing an entire nation. I believe the next four years will bring about lots of change for better or worse, but lets hope its better. When the film first had released a trailer over six years ago there was a song featured that was very emotional and it has remained with myself for all these years. It is the song “I Found A Reason” by Cat Power. It is a song that talks about the idea and belief of hope. This is something I have always held on to..hope…if you don’t have it in the most dire of times then you are truly lost and I have always believed in it for this reason. The song is about going on and fighting in these dire times that life presents us with and that’s why on this day, the 5th of November that we shall remember that I talk about this song. So go out and vote and believe that there is hope for the next four years, enjoy the film if you have not yet seen it, and enjoy the song and let it inspire you!