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Earshot Jazz Festival

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Earshot Jazz Festival.  Tuesday October 1st features one of the most stunning bass players I have ever seen.  Evan Flory-Barnes plays the bass like an unleashed dancing God alongside Seattle premiere drummer D’Vonne Lewis, Ahamefule J. Oluo trumpet  (Macklemore), and Josh Rawlings on keys.  Not only am I extremely excited to see these magically talented musicians play together in their band Industrial Revelation at the infamous Tula’s in Belltown, but I get to share this evening with none other than my lovely parent’s visiting from Iowa.  What I night this shall be!  Industrial Revelation will be celebrating Earshot Festival’s 25th anniversary as well as their new record titled “Oak Head”.  Listen to Industrial Revelation’s album “Unreal Reality” below and consider attending the Earshot Jazz Festival sometime between the dates of October 1st – November 17th here in Seattle.  

"Tuesday night on the Jazz Patio...."

“Tuesday night on the Jazz Patio….”


My Goodness

Oh “My Goodness”.  The bluesy hardcore rock’n roll band from Seattle is making a statement.  Sure after The Black Keys became a smash hit blues rock bands started molding out of cracks and alley ways all over the world.  As they should.  The Black Keys rule, but after a while these similar sounding bands start to grow old and don’t do much for your ear candy cravings.

Meet My Goodness.  A two piece rock out fit that packs a hard hitting smack of delightful soul felt blues mixed with a post hardcore sting.  You know the part in the average blues song where you say to yourself “I love the blues, but how come every band has to use the same riffs?”.  In a My Goodness song this part textures and transitions into a snaky hard rocking storm.  These days it is easy to fall into the blah zone of music where everything starts to sound the same and nothing moves you.  One or two songs might be good on the whole album and then it slips into the deep collection of tunes not to be found unless randomly on shuffle.  Each new indie sounds like they went to a college with all the other new bands where they were taught how to play the exact same shit.  When an album comes around that one can hit play on track #1 and listen to the record in it’s entirety enjoying each song by itself and as a piece to the master puzzle it’s like a holiday.  Anyone else feel like this?  Could just be me, but the volume of music available to the masses for immediate download saturates the industry and tucks the few great albums into the pockets of pearl snap western shirts waiting to be discovered at the local Goodwill by the lucky bloke.

Enough of my roundabout ranting.  My Goodness is a band that makes you feel like rocking out.  It feels familiar to the blues you hear, but new enough and fresh to captivate the listener to want more of the whole puzzle.

My Goodness has a new release coming out soon titled “Shiver + Shake”



My Goodness – Back Again



Redhook Sausage Fest 2013



Steven enjoying some My Goodness.

Steven enjoying some My Goodness.


The Soil & The Sun – Uncommon Ground Rooftop Session

Watch as The Soil & The Sun perform on the top of Uncommon Grounds in Chi City.  This song builds beautifully all the way until the final departure.  Can’t wait until these guys come out for their first west coast tour!

>>>Take it in<<<

2012-08-04 12.35.24

“may the sunflower open up your hearts to the sun”


North Sea Surf Radio

Who plays instrumental surf music 24/7 over the seafoam airwaves?  North Sea Surf Radio.  Are you serious?  Heck yeah, I’m so serious.  What better way to sip iced americanos, clean the house, mow the yard, drive around town, run around a green lake,  or ride a surf board.

About North Sea Surf Radio:

“North Sea Surf Radio was born on May 1st 2013 and launched on September 1st 2013. The station was founded by Niels Jansen, drummer of Hollands premier surfband The Phantom Four, follow up to the legendary 90´s band The Treble Spankers. The band is also responsible for the annual North Sea Surf Festival, the most important surf music festival in Northwestern Europe since 2010. ”

 “North Sea Surf Radio is a commercial free radiostation funded by The Phantom Four, various sponsors and listener donations. The mission of North Sea Surf Radio is to make good quality surf music freely available worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Listen now:


North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

North Shore – Oahu, Hawaii

“Last night in Oahu ends on the North Shore at the “Surfer Bar” named after the infamous Surfer Magazine.  As we sat and watched the surfers from the shores of the Turtle Bay Resort I dreamed of one day riding the wild surf. “ –Cameron

Creese Cheam Mixtapes – Vol. 2

It’s time again to send your ears some love.  Summer is winding to a slow and steady end, but there are still dance parties and picnics to be had underneath the round glorious sol.  Creese Cheam Vol. 2 includes mostly new jams from over the past couple of months as well as a couple older tracks that have been treating me, well let’s say well.  As always please enjoy, and I hope these songs find you in the comforting hands of the end of the solstice.



Creese Cheam Mixtapes – Vol. 2

Get here:

Creese Cheam Mixtapes – Vol. 2

Sample here:

Geographer – The Myth Of Youth

Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey

Volcano Choir – Acetate

Deer Tick – The Rock

Brent Amaker & The Rodeo – Troubled Times

Overseas – Old Love

Chris Staples – Black Tornado

Deafheaven – Sunbather

Minus The Bear Acoustics II – Hooray

Damien Jurado – Working Titles

Bloc Party – French Exit

Interpol – Next Exit