Creese Cheam Mixtape Vol. 1

I had a chance to sit down and compile a sweet mixtape for all your summer filled delights.  Creese Cheam mixtapes will be an every once in a while sort of affair, and I hope that these songs find you well and enjoying summer.  Because we must enjoy ourselves.

IMG_20120829_124525Creese Cheam Vol. 1

>>>Part. 1<<<

>>>Part. 2<<<



Jam Of The Day: Eels – New Alphabet

I heard this song while cruising through Magnolia today on KEXP.  It has sort of a funky corky sound.  Maybe a bit like a Ween song.  The rhythm makes my head do a side to side movement, while my shoulders go squiggly and floppy.  A bobble head in slower form.  Either way you pin it, “New Alphabet” makes feeling good feel REALLY GOOD.



Late Night Obsession 7/25/13 – “Scary Monsters On Strings” By Skrillex & Cliff Martinez

I recently saw the film Spring Breakers. The film it self can be debated about a lot whether or not its a boring art piece or if it is a reflection on the one of the newest generations growing up in this world. The music in the movie is for the most part populated with party music, but the film has some very serious toned down moments when you see the some very rare takes on songs that to most are laughed at and tossed to the side for the culture that surrounds them. This includes a somewhat humorous, but intimate moment when the cast sings Britney Spears’ tune “Everytime” after just committing some pretty intense crimes. The highlight for me though was when the music of Skrillex (which to point out I normally loathe because of the culture surrounding it) is toned down and turned into an orchestral piece. It fits perfectly with its corresponding scene in the film and really speaks volumes in my opinion about how some EDM is actually composed. If you haven’t seen the film and are looking for something a bit though provoking then I suggest you do, otherwise here is the track I am talking about so much and the version of the song it is sourced from.


Late Night Obsession – 7/9/13 – “Fare Thee Well- Marcus Mumford & The Punch Brothers”

I recently watched the trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis and immediately got caught up in the spirit of the song playing during the trailer which made me want to see this movie very badly in the fall. The song has yet to be released as it will be on the soundtrack coming out in September, but it is a real treat and here is the trailer it appears in! Enjoy!




Midlake – Young Bride

Young Bride has always been such an amazing summer composition for me.  Midlake’s The Trials of Van Occupanther encapsulates what may be one of my favorite summers of all time.  Hikes at Rainier.  Snow shoes and hunters.  Photo fun days downtown at Pikes Market.  For some reason today is the first time that I’ve watched the video for “Young Bride”, and it fits almost perfectly with how I imagined it.  Try listening to this song while driving with the windows down on windy mountainous roads.  Let your arm float up and down with the breeze as you coast through a gorgeous solstice afternoon.  I heard Midlake has just finished recording their fourth LP.  Until then, if you haven’t fallen in love all ready with “The Trials Of Van Occupanther” give it a spin.

>>>Young Bride<<<

also try:

>>>Head Home<<<

Rainier in shadows


Spin’n Sundays: #3 The Felice Brothers – Frankie’s Gun!

With a raspy, smokey, Bob Dylan/Tallest Man On Earth sounding voice James Felice leads the gang from the subways of New York to the pastures and farmlands of good ole’ town America. “The sons of a carpenter, they would play together on Sundays at their father’s afternoon barbecues. They stayed in a little apartment in Brooklyn and would play in the subway stations at 42nd Street and Union Square and in Greenwich Village” says Ms. Wiki.  That description compliments my idea of The Felice Brothers just like nutella molds to a banana to create a cement truck like effect.  The story telling of this band reminds me of what it would be like traveling the countrysides and backyards in an old seafoam green pick-up truck with wooden guard rails to keep ya from fling’n out of the bed on those bumpy gravel roads.  Walk-a-boats through corn fields with dusty boots and bottoms.  Curved and fitted classic Rainier ball caps and suspenders.  Whisk(e)y keeps em frisk(e)y.  The song “Frankie’s Gun!” was my first jam with this band.  The song writing is spanky and quite frankly Frankie, I can dig.

The Felice Brothers – Frankie’s Gun!

>>>Bang Bang Bang<<<



My car goes
Every weekend to pick up some cargo
I think I know the bloody way by now, Frankie
And turn the god damn radio down, thank you
Pull over
Count the money
But don’t count the thirty in the glove box buddy
That’s for to buy Lucille some clothes
Bang bang bang went Frankie’s gun
He shot me down Lucille
He shot me down Lucille
He shot me down
He shot me down
He shot me down
Work zones double fines
Don’t pass the double lines
Trailer McDonald’s rest stop trailer double wide
I saw a man hit my mom one time, really
I hurt him so damn bad I had to hide in Jersey
Called my mama told her
In the dresser
There’s ten or twenty dollars but there ain’t no lesser
That’s for to take my sister to the picture show
Bang bang bang went Frankie’s gun

He shot me down Lucille
He shot me down Lucille
He shot me down
He shot me down
He shot me down
Sha nay na sha nay na na na …
Slip make a fender shine
Frankie you’re a friend of mine
Got me off a bender after long legged Brenda died
I thought we might be on a roll this time Frankie
I could have swore the box said Hollywood blanks but
You see my mama
Please tell her
I left a little rock in a box in the cellar
That’s for to wear till kingdom come
Bang bang bang went Frankie’s gun
He shot me down Lucille
He shot me down Lucille
He shot me down
He shot me down
He shot me down

Sha nay na sha nay na na na …