Foals @ Neptune Theater June 1

Foals Flyer

Neptune Foals

Foals = Fire

We hope to see you there.

You don’t have my number
I don’t need your counsel
I don’t need these city’s streets
I don’t need that good advice
cause we can move beyond it now


Oh Fry Guy…

Tonight was fun.  I ate fish & chips, drank a couple quarts of ale, and jammed to Reel Big Fish.  This video is so old I remember buying the Reel Big Fish compact disc and seeing the little sticker on the package that read: “Bonus material for your CD ROM”.  I put the CD in to my parents computer and enjoyed watching this silly, but awesome video for Sell Out.  It was just one of those moments that makes me smile.  I’m sure I had double bleached out hair and a Less Than Jake shirt on with a robot reading a magazine doing something naughty.  My brother would have been downstairs with equally bleached hair jamming to Mxpx or Value Pac.  Those were the sunny days of pop punk and the roots to who we are now.  See Gloworm’s Bandcamp.  Was gonna call my friends and get ’em all together i was gonna go and start a band, but everything i wanna do has already been done.why would i wanna go and do it again?

“Thank you for moshing Chad Houseman”

—–Marfle Boxtrousers—–

jump jump

Have fun @Sasquatch party people!

Here is your pregame warm up.  Pack your dancing sneakers and your tank tops because Sasquatch 2013 is on!  For those of us that aren’t as lucky, we will enjoy watching the feed on the screen.  Sol certainly knows how to turn out the crowd and get the bodies bump’n.

Palms to the sky like the roof gonna cave in

Chuck yeager swagger leather jacket and ray bans

Stage dive, swimming in waves of hands

The base line shake me from my face to my vans”–SOL


sasquatch attack

Throwback Monday: Huey Lewis “Power of Love”

If you ever find yourself strolling through a park late at night and suddenly a black truck with two dudes holding on skateboarding drives by make sure to yell this: “It’s the power of love!”.

If any nosy bystanders give you the weird eye and sarcastically chortle in your general direction just tell them “Back to the future man…”.