A moment of clarity: Clogs – The Sundown Song Ep

This coffee is cold in my mouth, but this ep is fresh in the breeze.  Reflect on the sparse beams of light that peak out of the western skies as there will soon be more restoring fortune ahead.  Remain strong.  Remain true.  These birds will soon sing your tune.


-The other CJH-


New Mewithoutyou video: February, 1878

If you have never had the chance to watch Mewithoutyou live, I strongly encourage it.  This video does a fantastic job of portraying Mewithoutyou and their moving live performances.  Any time they come through Seattle I do my darnedest to go see them and drag along anyone who hasn’t.  You will not be disappointed.  Also check out their latest album from 2012 “Ten Stories”.

Zim Zal La Bim Boooosh!!

>>>February, 1878<<<

Beasts of the Southern Wild- Once There Was a Hushpuppy

Every now and then you see a film with an excellent score or at least a strong theme in it’s score and after watching Beasts of the Southern Wild I had one of those moments. This represents hope, ambition, inspiration, triumph and more to me. Every single one of us is meant to accomplish something great and this piece brings out that feeling in such a beautiful way that I never knew existed. It fills you up with hope and ambition so I hope you enjoy it!