Gloworm – Globall Worming

Gloworm - Sunny side up Pop Punk

Gloworm – Sunny side up Pop Punk

Want to jump start your morning with a cup of goofy and some sunny side up pop punk?  Well we have just the breakfast for you.  Gloworm consists of Chad Houseman (Tom Hymn, Muteflutes, ex Soil and The Sun), Ben (Soil and The Sun), and their friend Stephen (St. Louis).  It’s a quick and catchy sound that reminds me of growing  up living off of punk rawk.  So enjoy your selves a listen, and hop on over to and download Globall Worming for what ever you are willing to part with.  Shit coins will be thrown up in the air and hit with a baseball bat though.  Just saying.



The number one song in my mind 2012 is a “simple” task

I listened to this song it all moods, bring me up, mellow me out, its lyrics are easily relatable, and the beats are up lifting… A good get your heart song.

Live music experiences of 2012…

This is not really a top anything moments, because I did not have the opportunity to go to concerts every night like the other two gents posting here, but I did have a couple.  I saw Zack Rogue’s new project band Release The Sunbird.  Great vocals, but honestly they sound like Rogue Wave, maybe a little more mellow.  I am completely content with this, because I love Rogue Wave.  LMFAO……before the concert this band annoyed the shit out of me, it seemed like a reality tv show turned into a band.  Just looked like a couple A-holes acting like the guys from Jackass in in a music video.  After the Concert, I downloaded any song I could find by the group…  Probably the most energetic concert I have ever been too.  The lyrics are fun, its great party music, and really just makes you want to get up and dance in any manner you can.  I hopefully will be seeing a lot more concerts this year…so stay tuned.



Reflection upon what helps Reflect and Deflect: Top 25 Songs of 2012

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 1.49.59 PMWhen deducing my 2012 to 25 songs I realized I needed to try to be unbiased as obviously there are songs that are fresh and new sounding to me now versus 12 months ago. I tried to pick songs that helped me discover new bands, songs that got me through long nights, songs that I never stopped talking about all year, songs that pinpointed moments of my year, and songs that I declared the moment I heard them as the “best song I have heard in a long time!” Of course this year included some very fun moments and the Top 25 is reflective of that. Some of theses songs are ones that have motivated me to push through long runs/workouts, endless job hunts, and long car rides. Discovering a new song and listening to it for the first time is the most exciting part of that journey for me and if I song holds that feeling after the first listen then it is most likely in my top 25. You listen to music to help express feelings whether they are happiness, anger, sadness, frustration, peace and all of these songs have aided in that for me. So kick back and have a listen to my handpicked 25 singles for 2012 because after all we live in a world of singles now,  so embrace it!