Reflection upon What Helps Reflect and Deflect: Top 10 Albums of 2012

Photo on 12-30-12 at 2.23 AM #6Personally, 2012 was and is a year of transitioning, changing, and anxiously anticipating what I have always looked at as the start of something new. No school, and the the idea that its time to start the career I have always wanted. There has been a delay in this coming true and this delay includes most of 2012. So while I was floating through space and what I have been telling people when discussing my current state is that I have been “Just Living” I came upon some albums, songs, and moments that have got me through some long nights and have driven some very exciting ones as well. These songs have helped me reflect on what has been done, what should be done, and everything in-between. Beginning back in late September was the smooth ride on the seafoam couch through waves of bliss, angst, frustration, and self discovery. I know for a fact the three of us you have come to know through this blog have been wanting to share our opinion on what we listen to for some time and so the idea of doing a top/best of 2012 while seemingly a daunting task, was welcomed with open arms. Ten albums from 2012, some mean much more to me than others will down the road. While some of these albums defined my entire year, some of these albums simply defined nights, movements I was proud to be apart of, artists I simply can’t ignore, sophomore albums that were not slumps, albums that pushed me from mile four to mile seven, and albums that in the simplest term were just fun! In descending order from ten to one, here are my top ten albums of 2012 accompanied by a one sentence explanation.

Miike Snow – Happy To You

“For One Reason Or Another It Made Me Grow Up and Feel Reflection”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist

“It’s Like Having a National Anthem for Seattle, For Unbreakable Habits, and For Being You All in One!”

Matt & Kim – Lightning

“It may sound blended, but it’s Matt & Kim and as a whole…this album makes you want to live for NOW!”

Jack White – Blunderbuss

“While The Black Keys were busy driving El Camino’s, Jack White was Busy Crafting What May Be His Best Work Ever and Cementing a Legacy”

Oberhofer – Time Capsules II

“The Emo Beach Boys Bring it Back and Make Me Wish The OC was Still On and I Could Cruise the Waves with Seth Cohen”

White Arrows – Dry Land is Not a Myth

“California Crazies show Versatility and Catchiness on What is a Personal Achievement for Votiv and Myself”

Passion Pit – Gossamer

“Michael Angelakos might be a reincarnated Elliot Smith when it comes to Lyrics and the Follow Up to Manner’s is One of the Best Sophomore Albums that Exists to Date”

Champagne Champagne – Private Party

“Pearl Dragon, Sir Thomas Gray, and DJ Gajamagic are the Island of Misfit Toys coming together and making Seattle Hip-Hop for Seattleites and this an Extended Invitation to Seattle’s Private Party that is CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE!”

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

“Like the Random Streetwalker who began breakdancing to All of Me, this album Promotes The Freedom to Live, Love, and Lie”

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

” Considering its my number one album of 2012, this one deserves more than a sentence. Beginning with an incredible Roots accompanied performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Japandroids had me rocking harder than I had for the last Eight Years. An album that helped me reflect, Celebration Rock brought me back to my own roots when I was jamming out to Blink-182 in my buddies room and knew I shouldn’t be listening because of all the cursing. It relayed the idea of speaking my mind even though they shout it. Having ringing ears from listening to this album through headphones and not a concert never felt so good. An Anthem for Kicking Ass and Taking Names, Celebration Rock gives you courage to Live and To Never be Fucked With. This album shaped me and I hope it does something for you….Enjoy!”



2012 Going out with a a top 25 list

Thank you to all,

2012 was full of new artists to grab on to your inner soul, and to reflect on all those glorious beats that make you just want to get up and dance, or to curl up on the couch, and dream of an unprocessed future, full of expectations.  We decided to play the critics as the clock winds down, and those last waves of sound come resting onto the shoreline.  This task is an impossible one.  Who are we to name the best songs or albums of the year, everyone has their opinions, and I am sure that the lists that follow will hit home runs for some, and for others, will be empty words on a page.  Nonetheless, these are some of my favorite tasty licks from the last 365 days.

I wish all of you a loud and alarming 2013…Happy Holidays, and stay tuned for another exciting, harmonic year filled with noise that makes you get up off the couch and act with a rhythm and purpose….now the list.  There is no order or clear method to how these were selected.  It was pure mood and instinct, to each their own…enjoy as much as I have.


A Real Hero-College

When I am Small-Phantogram

The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack-Liars

Some Nights-Fun

Shelter-Ben Nichols

Punching in a Dream- The Naked and Famous

Simple Song-The Shins

New York- Snow Patrol

We Are Young-Fun


It’s Only Life-The Shins

Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

Into the Wild- LP

Water Runs- Reptar

Take a Walk- Passion Pit

Rio- Adventure

Breathing Underwater- Metric

I’ll Be Alright- Passion Pit

Anna Sun- Walk The Moon

It’s Time- Imagine Dragons

V.A.L.I.S.-Bloc Party

Deadlines and Commitments- The Killers

I Could Go- Oberhofer

Lost In My Bedroom- Sky Ferreira

Beta Love- Ra Ra Riot


Port Of Morrow- The Shins

Battle Born- The Killers

Celebration Rock- Japandroids

Drive(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)- Cliff Martinez

Four- Bloc Party

Gossamer- Passion Pit

Some Nights- Fun

Night Visions- Imagine Dragons

The Heist- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Blunderbuss- Jack White.

Time Capsules ll- Oberhofer

Best of 2012

Best Of 2012

Best Of 2012

As the foam washes up over 2012 I’d like to wish everyone a merry holiday season and thank all the people who made the magic happen in the world of music.  Without all of everyone being who they are, we wouldn’t receive the same quality of killer tunes to enjoy and absorb into our daily grind.  From the albums, to the live performances, to all the people in between and here after that make it all happen behind the scenes, we appreciate you.  Be you.  You are awesome.

Onto the list…

While coming up with my favorite’s from this past year I realized that a lot of what I listen to lately is not all on the more recent side of times.  Even some of my top played artists where from 2011, while thought of to be from the current year.  Look guys, all I’m trying to say is that it’s hard to pick a best of list (at first).  After sitting down beside Sir Mr. Weinstein with a pint of freshly brewed ice caffee, I plucked and plunged through all the memories of dancing on the beach, singing off a cliff, tearing up at a spellbinding live performance, running through that last mile, waking up in the car ride to work (hopefully still driving, jk), or listening to a favorite band’s new record for the first time.  You know what you are listening to is good, or even great when that ball of energy that is heaped up deep down inside comes bursting out in the form of raw emotion.  The feeling that is kept and stored in a safe spot and only comes out when the moment is right and true.  A big song.  The best show you’ve seen in a long while.  The songs that release the tingy tinglers (endorphins) that shake up your normal state of being. Oh here they come again, oh here they come, those darn drums are knocking at my door.

My best of 2012 (in no particular order)

The Soil And The Sun – What Wonder Is This Universe!

Tom Hymn – New Mexican New Year

Mewithoutyou – Ten Stories

Grizzly Bear – Shields

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

Sol – Yours Truly

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

Beat Connection – Palace Gardens

Twin Shadow – Confess

Lushlife – Plateau Vision

Nick Waterhouse – Times All Gone

Chairlift – Something

Champagne Champagne – Private Party

Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour/Golden Mile

Further Seems Forever – Penny Black

The Muteflutes – The Ballad Of The Rebel Grape

Poor Moon – Poor Moon

Western Medicine – In-Transit

Grieves – Together/Apart

I will leave you with a wise quote a young shaman once told me.  No really I just stole this from the other CJH(Tom Hymn perhaps??) on the other arm.  Thanks mang.

In case you are asked to give a toast at a pub…this might come in dandy:

‘Here’s to tall ships.  Here’s to small ships.  Here’s to all the ships on the sea.  But the best ships are friendships.  Here’s to you and me (Maritime blessing).’

A little Anatomy

I am not ashamed to admit I watch the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.  I am not going to go on about the shows emotion roller coster plot, but more so that it has turned me on to some very emotionally inspiring music.  Week in and week out, there are certain TV Shows, that are that much better, because of the music that is put along side the story line.  A couple series that I feel need be mentioned here. O.C., Chuck, And Grey’s Anatonmy.  If it were not for the music in these shows, I feel they would have not lasted as long as they did, or would not still be on the air. Look into them if you don’t know what I am talking about. Here is a song I heard just the other night in Grey’s.

Top 25 Albums and Top 25 Songs

33-1196545384Just wanted to give all of our followers a heads up. All three of us here at Seafoam Couch will be giving you our first annual Top 25 albums of the year and Top 25 Singles of the Year. Let us know some of your favorites and stay tuned to see if they made our list. Happy Holidays Ya’ll!


Top 25 Look!

Photo on 12-10-12 at 1.50 AM

Sons of Anarchy: A Musical Journey thats just as Thrilling as the Show

SOAWith a few less covers than the first go around and just as many soulful voices all mostly joined by The Forest Rangers, Sons of Anarchy: Songs of Anarchy Vol. 2 proves to be even better than it’s predecessor. With so many emotional and heart wrenching moments this season this soundtrack lets us reflect and also discover some very underrated talent here. Noah Gundersen, Battleme, Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Greg Holden, Janes Addiction, and the shows own Katey Sagal round out what is a soundtrack nearly perfectly selected for the shows fifth season by Michelle Kuznetsky and Bob Thiele Jr. As we bid farewell to Sons of Anarchy for another year after tonight’s season finale go ahead and have a listen and relive moments from this season or simply relish in songs you really enjoyed. If there is a standout track on the album it either has to be Greg Holden’s “The Lost Boy” which was a featured song during Opie’s funeral, an event that according to the creator will ultimately shape Jax and the show from then on out. Either this track or Noah Gundersen’s “He Got Away” a song not played until it aired during the show and to be completely honest I think it aired in the first episode, but I’m not certain. It is a great song because Gundersen’s phenomenal vocals, but also the entire tone of the song is reflective of the deep emotions felt within the tough exterior that is and are the Sons Of Anarchy. Don’t let me telling you these are standouts deflect you from some very great songs here like Battleme’s “Lights” or the other Noah Gundersen track also off of his most recent album “Family.” All the songs once listened to leave an impression and that’s very hard to do no matter how much you like a movie or TV show and for that I highly recommend listening to this album while drinking some brews, around a campfire, on a long and endless road trip, or simply by doing all of these things. Enjoy the finale and enjoy this music as well! Also if you like Battleme enough they are playing the Tractor on December 6th!

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