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Pokinatcha Punk

Here’s a throwback video to remind you not to wander into a sketchy old house on Halloween:


Champagne Champagne – Swine? My Brother…


Champagne ChampagneChampagne Champagne the local Seattle punk rap group have unleashed another EP and with it comes a brand new set of beats with a new feel, but the same personality we’ve all become familiar with. If you aren’t familiar then its strongly suggested you change that. Pearl Dragon, Sir Thomas Gray, DJ Gajamagic; this is the trio that makes up Champagne Champagne. The name suggests a good time and indeed you will have one, listening to these jams recorded or if you have the oppurtunity to, see them perform live. Their newest EP revisits some old material and covers some new ground as well. Having previously heard “I Fell Through” on an earlier split release with STARFUCKER , it is easily a standout track. “Death to Intro” and Death to Outro” are exactly what they sound like an intro giving you a taste of whats to come and an outro letting you know that unfortunately we might not hear some new material for a while, but its a nice bow out. The two songs that sound most like pure hip-hop have to be “Fishin with New Edition” and “Spaceship Flip (Bird Lives)” featuring Sub Pop newbies Thee Satisfaction and while it’s not the Champagne we’re used to the taste is still crisp and refreshing. “The Breaks” and “Swine” sound most like tracks off of their previous releases and they are much welcomed tracks, “The Breaks” discusses the life they live on tour in their genre and “Swine” calls out a select few groups including Das Racist. Overall the EP is not their best work, but it fits right in with everything else the have done. If you haven’t heard any of their previous work check it out and catch the next show they have, you’ll be gladly surprised!

Further Seems Forever – Penny Black

Further Seems Forever is back.  After eight years the band has decided to include their original singer, Chris Carrabba.  You might have heard his name from a band called Dashboard Confessional.  Fans of  Further never thought this day would come.  After all, the band has gone through two lead singer changes after Carrabba.

In 2001 the band released “The Moon Is Down”, which helped to shape the lives of many young aspiring rock stars.  Seeing them with Carrabba at the 2000 Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell Illinois (R.I.P. C-Stone) I immediately fell in love with this band, as did everyone else in the humid 90 degree sardine packed tent.  The Moon Is Down had power and emotion in the songs.  The live show only helped to assure that this was an amazing band.

Shortly after seeing them live with the original line-up, Carrabba left the band to pursue his more well known and mainstream band Dashboard Confessional.  The band then changed singers twice before finding themselves now in 2012 with the original A team.  True fans of Further always wanted this day to happen.  Sure the two albums in between with Jason Gleason (How To Start A Fire), and Jon Bunch (Hide Nothing)  were good, but it wasn’t the same.

Enter Penny Black.  From track one “So Cold” to the closing “Janie” the album jams with Carrabba’s intensity and the band’s clever arrangements.  The shoulders start to sway, the feet start to tap, and the hands are banging on the steering wheel the entire ride.  No one thought that they would hear the beautiful and compelling screams of Carrabba again after the few moments in early Dashboard.  Add Further with this desire and you have Penny Black.  This album will bring back a familiar and blissful sound to old fans, and a new and refreshing sound to new fans helping to pave the way for new and delightful creativity.

Listen –

Further Seems Forever –  Engines

Watch –


Young Buffalo

Attending the Young Buffalo concert at the Tractor Tavern was somewhat of a spur of the moment decision, but it ended up being an excellent one. The vocal melodic harmonies that the band produces is likened to that of Vampire Weekend and the general sound is almost entirely indie pop, but being they are from Mississippi they inject a good dose of the south in to their music and it’s welcomed. Maybe it was the venue or the band themselves or a combination, but it seemed everyone who was there felt privileged to be at the concert. Their on stage personality is built for a good time no matter where you are at and their talent and range is so diverse that  just about anyone will appreciate the music this band is making. They just released a new self-titled EP on the local Votiv label and below is one of the standout tracks off of it entitled “Upstairs.” Listen to it and also Young Von Pretty Lips their EP from a year ago. The video for the song “Catapilah” off of the older EP can be found below…Enjoy


Cathedrals 3 feat. Noah Gundersen & Family, Hannalee, Goldfinch, and Lerin Herzer & Andrew Joslyn

Cathedrals 3Driving to Cathedrals 3 there was a little bit of unknown or possibly even low expectations hanging in the car. The known atmosphere of typical concerts is what was planned for. Big Gulp from 7-Eleven filled with Coca-Cola and Beam from a Johnnie Walker engraved flask, and the Cola having only been used because the wanted energy cola was not available. After finishing the now empty drink with little chunks of ice still sliding around at the bottom there was discussion of possibly going and getting one more down the street at the Roanoke. Watching the dozens of people walking into the now dimly lit cathedral, some of which had children and others who were most likely up past there bedtime, it was decided without conversation that no more drinking would occur during the evening. After having got a red sharpie eighth note stamp from a kid that was probably about seven years old, we walked into the grand cathedral known as St. Marks. In waiting for Lerin and Andrew, the diverse group of people that had come together for the performance was immediately noticed. It was then that it felt more like a community event, talent show, or neighborhood gathering than a concert. When Andrew and Lerin came on stage everyone was silent and the music that was played sounded very emotional and cinematic. Having known that Andrew has spent a considerable amount of time working on film scoring this was no surprise. Lerin’s voice was an excellent preview of what was to come from the rest of the performers that evening. Their set was short and sweet, but left a great impression and was followed up with a quick transition into the Goldfinch set by an amazing vocal piece from Naomi Wachira. Once again Goldfinch gave another excellent preview of more to come with great vocal performances and incredible harmonies. It was during the Goldfinch set that the mood was set for the rest of the evening, a feeling of times had before us and when our days were far simpler. When Hannalee took the stage it was clear this would continue with three person vocal harmonies and melodies that made everyone feel like the were in a surreal moment and that at this exact moment you knew this is where you were supposed to be. Having only previously heard Noah Gundersen from the TV show Sons of Anarchy, expectations like most of the night were unknown. After a rendition of John the Revelator that sent chills down the neck and arms and realizing how the talent of Noah and his younger siblings was unlike anything ever witnessed before, the night let me know, that it would never be forgotten. The unknown expectations that had been hanging in the air of the car and the buzz from the whiskey was now gone and had transformed into a sobering rare experience that felt privileged to have had. This all culminated with the return of every amazing performer witnessed on stage that night returning one more time to help the Gundersens sing a rendition of Hey Hey, My My that honestly made me want to cry because of how perfect everything felt at that place and time. Leaving the cathedral jokes were exchanged about the night, but really it was shock and awe that were looming in the car on the way home. It seemed the one thing going through everyones mind after the show was Thank You to everyone who showed up, to St. Marks and to the experience of Cathedrals 3 because it will take a lot for it to be forgotten…




David Bazan Band Plays Control

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!!  When I first found out that David Bazan was touring the US playing only songs from Pedro The Lion’s “Control” I did a back flip.  Well, only in my mind.  What is going on lately?  Jimmy Eat World toured a few years back playing “Clarity”.  Chris Staples recently joined back up with his friends in Florida to play a TwoThirtyEight reunion tour.  Chris Carrabba is back in Further Seems Forever!?  Wow.  It’s as if a mighty power put out his hand, reached down into Earth’s atmosphere and said “here Sir, have these tasty treats and enjoy Christmas a bit early this year”.

David Bazan and band will be playing the Neptune Theater Saturday, December 15th.


Perfect Body, Perfect Soul, Perfect Harmony

Scala and Kolacny BrothersHave you ever seen a trailer for a movie or TV show and based off of the song that starts it off you already want to watch that movie or show. Well I think the choral group/composer collaboration known as the Scala and Kolacny Brothers. They have recorded many covers of pop/rock songs with their exquisite choir. These songs have all recently put licensed and put into multiple trailers, shows, movies etc. Their personal touch that features extraordinary crescendos and exaggerations on already emotional lyrics and de-crescendos have turned slow dance songs, underground hits etc. in to emotionally driven scenes and accompany films and TV shows exceptionally well. The best examples I have come to see from this are the trailers for both The Social Network and Season 2 of Homeland. I have actually seen The Social Network and remember that the trailer for this movie that featured a cover of Creep originally by Radiohead I was instantly moved and wanted to see the whole film. The second instance was when I recently saw a trailer for Season 2 of Homeland that featured a cover of Every Breath You Take originally by The Police. I have yet to even watch Homeland, but the trailer accompanied with this music alone made me want to watch it. Their covers in some ways are inspirational because of how much additional emotion they are able to evoke from songs that already have a lot of deep emotions. I have listened to recordings of them as well that aren’t accompanied by film and they are also great I strongly suggest you watch these trailers and check out more of Scala and Kolacny Brothers!

The Social Network trailer featuring Creep:

Homeland Season 2 trailer featuring Every Breath You Take:


Tumbling down comes the water tickling every stone…

The first time I heard Daniel Rossen was a few years back on a mixtape entitled “July 09′ Blogmix”.  I not only remember the mix due to the many great new artist that were introduced to me, but also because of the thoughtful album artwork.  On the cover were 6 cute little cats shooting out lasers from their eyes looking as cute and cuddly as ever.  I turned the album on, poured myself some sweet sweet iced sun coffee which had been brewing for a couple hours and sat back and relaxed in the blissful breezy summer day in Magnolia.  It was the kind of day where you can’t help but to close your eyes and smile while the sun warms your skin.  I daydreamed of Mt. Rainier and of the peaceful beauty of all the cornfields and forests of Iowa.

In the midst of my euphoric state, the harmonies of Daniel Rossen and his fellow confidants soared out the screen door and floated into my dreams.  Every chord and melody matched my feelings of being somewhere off in another familiar place.

The song ended and I opened my eyes.  As I looked around this dreamy summer day I realized that I was still smiling.  The condensation on the mason jar of my iced sun coffee dripped through the porch table and splashed on my thigh.  I stood up, went back into my bedroom and hit play on Waterfall again.  “Why not” I thought to myself.  “It’s a dreamy kind of day.”

Laser Cats from the cover of July Blogmix 09′

Grizzly Bear will be performing this evening with Lower Dens at The Paramount Theater in Seattle.


Matt & Kim – “Lets Go” Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Matt & Kim performed their new single “Let’s Go” from their fourth studio album Lightning Monday night and the thing I have to mention is how they are just two people and the energy the bring to a stage is incredible. You could be a cat lady standing in the corner and by the end of one of their songs you are probably going to be dancing in the middle of the crowd and sweaty. Matt & Kim are playing the Neptune here in Seattle on October 30th and I recommend you check this show out as it is easily one of the best if not the best live show I have seen. And like the shout out to Jimmy in this video, shout outs are very common at their concerts too so enjoy!