Video of the Day 9-30-12


Oberhofer – “Away Frm U”

I just bought tickets to the Matt & Kim show on October 30th at The Neptune and I was checking out the bands that were opening for them and Oberhofer popped up. How you pronounce the name is a guess that is as good as anyone else’s. In listening to what is their debut single off of their debut LP, I have begun to pick up on the little amount of hype that I heard about this band in the few months past. The intro/melody to the song Away Frm U is extremely catchy and a great jam. It might be the highlight of the album, but the entire thing rocks pretty hard and sounds like a mix of Surfer Blood, Beach House, and Vampire Weekend. Like I said they are opening for Matt & Kim on 10/30 at The Neptune so I suggest very strongly that you check it out as well as the video for the single below!


Japandroids – “The House that Heaven Built”

The Japandroids have been touring all summer and when they stopped by Jimmy Fallon earlier this summer to play the song “The House that Heaven Built” I got hooked. It is most definitely one of my songs of the summer. Unfortunately I can’t find the video of when the played it on Fallon, but it was great the Roots helped out a little and made me realize that I’m sure these guys’ live show is spectacular. They are playing November 15th at Neumos and I suggest you get your tickets now. This show will completely blow your pants off!


A Sound for All Seasons

Welcome to Seafoam Couch!  My name is Scott Thompson, and along with the help of Steven and Cameron, we are hoping to bring to you an insight to music from a wide range of genres from all ages.  Music helps inspire our feelings to push us in different directions depending how it charges our moods.  As far back as I can remember through all my childhood and into adolescence, Music has been there to mold my character, to shape me into a being full of feeling and energy.  I remember trying to moonwalk to the sound of Michael Jackson, and radically changing my perception of the way people saw me as I threw on my tore up jeans, and flannel shirt to sit and listen to Nirvana and Pearl Jam for hours.  As I grew older I found that music seems to fit the mood depending on the environment.  Somewhere at any given time there is a place for it all, whether its to lean back to some Hip Hop, or get lost in a trance to some electronic beats.  Everything in its place is beautiful, and thats what we are hoping to try and share with you.  To touch on all areas of music, and to let you in to the doors that it has opened for us, so sit back and relax, or get up and dance and ride that wave.  Hope you all enjoy.

I’m riding the seafoam wave…on a couch!!

Hello.  My name is Cameron Houseman and I’ve been asked to collaborate with Steven and Scott on our exciting new music blog Seafoam Couch.  The name didn’t come easy, but one thing is for sure, it sounds refreshing and that’s what we hope to bring to you.  Refreshing new tunes that you can look forward to chilling out to or jamming to.  Whatever your fancy, we hope to introduce all types of music from many genres.  Each one of us will share new thoughts on new albums, concerts, up and coming artists, and maybe even film in the future.  I’ve been really excited to get the butter churning before my scone gets too cold, and now we have the chance to share our blog with you to enjoy.   We will not be giving the albums a number rating, because who really needs to be persuaded by a number?  People should decide for themselves whether they like it or not. That’s one of the reasons why I love music so much because it’s subject to everyone’s opinion and taste.  I just hope to introduce my thoughts, excitement, and disappointment on albums, concerts, and music news.  With that being said we hope you enjoy reading our blog.

“All circles presuppose they’ll end where they begin, but only in their leaving can they ever come back round.”


From the album Ten Stories

Hello there…

Hey there and welcome to Seafoam Couch! My name is Steven and I am one of multiple contributors to this blog. This is mainly going to be a blog discussing music and everything surrounding it, but over time it may also include film, TV, etc. Why should you listen to my opinion and I, well maybe just to point you towards something new or back to something forgotten. This probably sounds like everyone else writing a music blog, so obviously  I should put it; I have had a love for discovering new music whether it’s actually brand new or something old that I had not heard yet since I was about twelve years old. I have had the same passion for movies since I was about nine. Lately I’m starting to think that with Hollywood spitting out something original on to the silver screen almost rarely now with sequels, reboots, prequels, remakes etc. that TV is possibly the best new thing. My passion for discovering music and really music in general would have made sense to have begun when I started playing the trumpet at age ten or when I would dabble in keyboard at age 8, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t start fully appreciating till right around the time the TV show the OC started. I enjoyed the show more for the new music constantly being heard than the show itself, but thats not to say that I didn’t grow to love Ryan and Seth haha because I did. Anyways ever since then I have wanted to be a music supervisor after originally wanting to be a director. So let your ears and eyes judge the things we discuss here for yourself, but hopefully we shed some light on music, and eventually film, and TV for you. We won’t be placing a numeric rating on art that will end up meaning something completely different to one person or the next, but merely trying to conduct reviews with words, sounds, and pictures that you will be able to actually relate to and want to read and listen to. The others involved with the site will introduce themselves in due time and I hope you like what they have to say as well. With that being said, Welcome to Seafoam Couch!